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Georgia: Restoration of Ahmadiyya Mosque Continues

The red-dome building inside the castle walls was dismantled after the Russian disaster in 1928 and the minarets were sent to St. Petersburg.

Photo credit: maykal (Michael) - Travel Diary
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By Ahmadiyya Times | September 20, 2011

The long-awaited renovations and restorations of the Ahmadiyya Masjid in the village of Ahiska or "Akhaltsikhe", in Georgia, have started.

With its name meaning "New Castle," the town lies close to the border with turkey in the south of Georgia.

The red-dome mosque, known for its horse drawings and murals, was originally built on the orders of Haci Ahmed Pasha in 1749.

The mosque is very much cherished by the leaders of the Ahmadiyya community.

The building inside the castle walls was dismantled after the Russian disaster in 1928 and the minarets were sent to St. Petersburg.

The castle was left in ruins by Russians and the mosque was turned into a church.

The mosque is still standing with empty interiors but in bad shape and in the danger of falling apart.

Although the building has been in use as a museum, displaying pieces brought by members of the other churches and mosques, it was not very well taken care of and the facade appears in ruins.

Once considered "an excellent museum, located in the remains of a castle on a hill overlooking the town," the building likely fell into disrepair more recently, some internet entries seem to suggest.

" ... will be treated to a fascinating guided tour in flawless English around the exhibits and the accompanying mosque and caravanserai," the travel diaries by "maykal (Michael)" noted on the Internet.

With the orders of the Georgian government this Ahmadiya Masjid is now being restored.

Ahmadis are trying to restore the original verses of the Holy Quran that were on the walls with somewhat difficulty however the overall restoration project is proceeding very well.

  -- Edited by Imran Jattala (@ijattala) - Portions adopted from translation provided by Feriha Kayikci
  -- Additional assistance by Atif S. Ahmad (@atifahmads)

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