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Malta's Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Held First Annual Convention -- Jalsa Salana

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The Hon. Ivan Bartolo, Member of Parliament; Mrs. Graziella Attard Schembri, Councillor at the Gzira Local Council; and Mr. Bryan Corlett, Director UPF, also delivered their speeches.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: AMJ Malta
By Web Report | December 16, 2016

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta held its First Jalsa Salana – Annual Convention – on Sunday 10th December 2017, in Gzira, Malta.

Local members of the Community, guests and dignitaries attended this convention.

A special message from the current Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) was read out at this convention.

In his message, His Holiness advised the Jamaat members to achieve highest standards in piety and righteousness by practicing the true teachings of peaceful Islam.

Pakistan: Six Ahmedis booked in Sialkot

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There are about half a million Ahmedis in Pakistan, local leaders say, though other estimates have put the number at two-four million.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Pakistan Today
By News Desk | August 16, 2017

The police in Bambanwala have registered a case against six people belonging to Ahmadiyya community for registering as Muslim voters in 2015 local bodies’ election.

Police registered the case against the individuals on the basis of showing their credentials as Muslims in their National Identity Card (NIC) and registering under the list of Muslims for voting purposes.

The case was registered after direction from the Lahore High Court (LHC) on the petition of one Mazhar Hammed. The accused were also booked on charges of preaching their faith.

On May 21, 2017, two Ahmedis were sentenced to three years in prison by a court in Faisalabad under the Pakistan Penal Code’s (PPC) blasphemy laws.

UN urges Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws

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They further said that Pakistan should send a strong message to the United Nations through the Ministry of Religious Affairs over the recommendation to repeal the Khatam-e-Nabuwat laws.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Pakistan Today
By Ahmad Ahmadani | December 16, 2017

ISLAMABAD: Though country’s religious and political parties are pressurising the government to penalise the persons involved in amending the law relating to the finality of prophethood (PBUH), the United Nation (UN) has told Pakistan to end blasphemy laws enshrined in the constitution.

In its 111 point recommendations, the UN has requested Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws, criminalise enforced disappearances and ensure basic human rights in the country.

“Consider repealing the blasphemy laws established in the constitution and take all the measures necessary to prosecute and punish those who have made false accusations,” said the UN, adding, that the country must “protect all the judges, prosecutors, lawyers and witnesses of blasphemy-related cases.”

As reported in this paper on Friday, the UN recommended the authorities to reinstate a moratorium on the death sentence, if not abolish it completely, besides limiting military’s influence in civilian domain.

Vatican City: Pope Francis says Australia's sex abuse royal commission findings should be 'studied in depth'

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"The final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse in Australia is the result of the accurate efforts made by the Commission in recent years and deserves to be studied in depth."

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | AU Desk
Source/Credit: Radio Australia
By Riley Stuart | December 16, 2017

Pope Francis says the findings of Australia's child sex abuse royal commission "deserve to be studied in depth", after the Catholic Church was urged to overhaul its traditions, including confessional and celibacy, in the final report.

Pope Francis says the findings of Australia's child sex abuse royal commission "deserve to be studied in depth", after the Catholic Church was heavily criticised in the final report.

The sanctity of the religious confessional would be tossed aside and celibacy would become voluntary under the final recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which were on Friday released.

USA: Florida man jailed for 15 years for vandalising mosque

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Florida man Michael Wolfe, 37, was sentenced after pleading guilty to leaving bacon at the doorstep of a mosque and vandalising the place of worship.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | US Desk
Source/Credit: The New Arab
By News Desk | December 16, 2017

A man who left raw bacon on the doorstep of a Florida mosque has been jailed for 15 years.

Michael Wolfe, 37, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to criminal mischief to a place of worship in a case considered a hate crime, said Todd Brown, spokesman for the state's attorney said.

CCTV of the 2016 incident shows Wolfe, with a shaved head and camouflage clothing, breaking windows, cameras and lights with a machete at the mosque in Titusville, Florida.

Muslims are prohibited from eating pork products including bacon, and hate groups have used pork products as a way to desecrate US mosques, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Indonesia: Pastor faces blasphemy charge over remarks about the Quran

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The complaint against Moses was reportedly filed on Dec. 8 by members of Indonesia's second-largest Islamic organization, Muhammadiyah.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: The Christian Times
By Jardine Malado | December 15, 2017

A Protestant pastor in Indonesia is facing a blasphemy charge over his remarks about the Quran during his conversation with a taxi driver.

Reverend Abraham Ben Moses, 52, was arrested after he was seen in a video in which he quoted the Quran on marriage and told the taxi driver that the Islamic prophet Muhammad was inconsistent in his teachings.

According to UCA News, the pastor was also heard in the video asking the taxi driver to convert to Christianity.

The pastor has been detained at a Jakarta police station for more than a week after he was arrested in his home in Tangerang, Banten province.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Perspective: A Trap like no other | Mehmal Sarfraz

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"The law is being passed under pressure and in the atmosphere of fear from the protesters who are staging a sit-in at the Faizabad Interchange of Islamabad."

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: The Telegraph
By Mehmal Sarfraz | December 15, 2017

Last month, the State of Pakistan perhaps made one of its biggest blunders when it surrendered to religious extremists. A lot has already been written in the media about the Faizabaddharna (sit-in) but as a Pakistani, one still cannot come to terms with the way it all unfolded.

The elections bill 2017 was framed by a joint parliamentary committee over a period of three years and more than a 100-odd meetings in order to reach a consensus. A slight amendment was made in an oath pertaining to the Khatam-e-Nabuwat (Finality of Prophethood) clause in the Elections Act 2017, which was agreed upon by the government and other political parties. Not many would have even noticed it had it not been for a senator who pointed it out and started a debate on a tricky and sensitive issue. The government mishandled the situation. Instead of explaining the minor change in a proper context, the government panicked. From the law minister to the interior minister, everyone from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz started to give statements about his/her love for Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Punjab chief minister, Shehbaz Sharif, even asked for the resignation of those responsible for this amendment.

Pakistan: Pesha­war High Court bars govt from releasing confessed killer and ex-Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan

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The government had made public in April this year that Ehsan had surrendered himself to it and since then they had been investigating him, but no charge had so far been brought against him.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Dawn News
By News Desk | December 14, 2017

PESHAWAR: The Pesha­war High Court (PHC) on Wednesday restrained the federal government from releasing Ehsanullah Ehsan, a former spokesman for the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), without its permission.

A PHC bench comprising Chief Justice Yahya Afridi and Justice Ijaz Anwar told Deputy Attorney General Musaratullah Khan that investigation should continue against Ehsan and he should not be set free in the meantime.

The court expressed dissatisfaction over brief comments filed on behalf of the defence ministry on a petition which challenged the alleged government plan to give clemency to Ehsan and sought detailed comments clearly explaining the government’s position on the matter.

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