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UK: Murderer of Asad Shah sends hate messages from his jail cell to extremist supporters

Lawyer urges Scottish Prison Service to take murderer Tanveer Ahmed's phone after he called on supporters to “eliminate” enemies of Islam.

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Source/Credit: Daily Record
By Keith McLeod | January 18, 2017

The family of murdered shopkeeper Asad Shah have hit out after his killer sent recorded hate messages to extremist supporters.

In a recording broadcast by extremist websites, Tanveer Ahmed called on supporters to “eliminate” enemies of Islam – from his cell at Barlinnie Prison.

Ahmed, who travelled to Glasgow from England to murder southside shopkeeper Asad Shah, was jailed for 27 years in August.

The newsagent was targeted because he posted videos online urging religious tolerance.

Asad’s family’s lawyer Aamer Anwar said UK anti-terror police have tried to get the Scottish Prison Service to put a stop to the recordings made by Ahmed in prison, after a similar recorded rant in September.

He said Asad’s family have been traumatised by the video.

In the latest 10-minute recording in Urdu from January 7, Ahmed goes on a violent rant in support of a jailed Pakistani terrorist.

He praises fellow Islamist killer Mumtaz Qadri, who assassinated liberal Pakistani politician Salmaan Taseer in 2011.

Shopkeeper Shah, a member of the Ahmadi Muslim sect, was stabbed and beaten to death outside his shop last March.

Sunni Muslim Ahmed, 32, claimed he had been acting to defend the “honour” of the Prophet Muhammad.

Anwar said yesterday: “The family of Asad Shah continue to be traumatised by this man who has already caused them so much grief.

"Not only has he murdered an innocent man, he continues to taunt the family from inside a Scottish prison with calls supporting terrorism.

“If he has access to a phone and is able to get recordings to his supporters, that is surely something that could be easily stopped by the Scottish Prison Service. Can’t they simply take his phone away?

“It is our understanding that anti-terror police have already been in touch with the prison service to try to put a stop to this. But these messages of hate are still being broadcast.

“Tanveer Ahmed said he would be happy to serve 100 years in jail – yet the first thing he did from his jail cell was launch an appeal against his conviction.

"Now he is making comments that are incitement to hatred. The family would like to see him silenced.”

In Ahmed’s audio, he said: “Anyone who disregards the respect and honour of Ghazi [Islamic holy warrior] Mumtaz Qadri, he is the one who announces his enmity with Islam openly.

“Whoever calls the martyr (Qadri) an assassin, he is vicious, unclean and false.”

Ahmed calls on followers to “eliminate all of the enemies of Islam and uplift the flag of Islam”.

The new recording appears on a Facebook page associated with Pakistani cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi, of the Khatme Nubuwwat movement, whose name translates as “Finality of the Prophet”.

It is believed the inflammatory speech in the message, and similar posts on YouTube, may have been recorded during phone calls at Barlinnie between Ahmed and supporters on the outside.

Dr Basharat Nazir, spokesman for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK, said authorities must adopt a “zero tolerance” stance against hate crimes.

SNP MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West Margaret Ferrier wrote to the Scottish Prison Service demanding an probe to prevent inmates from voicing such views in public.

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