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Gambia: What Makes Ahmadiyya Nusrat Senior Secondary School The Best In Country?

Nusrat Senior Secondary School is one of the many educational institutions run in various African countries by the worldwide Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.

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By Saidina Alieu Jarjou | february 6, 2017

Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih-III (third successor to the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam) laid the foundation on 4th May, 1970.

As an internationally renowned centre for excellence, Nusrat attracts a large number of students and teachers from all over the continent.

Nusrat also attracts the best and the brightest students from across the country. Below are some reasons to why should apply to Nusrat Senior Secondary School:

  1. Globally renowned: Nusrat is very well-known and renowned school in The Gambia. Students across the country have chosen this school to pursue their desired course ranging from commerce, arts and science. It has a world-class reputation for academic excellence.
  2. Accessible to all students: Nusrat is accessible to all students of talent and great minds and abilities, whatever their background. All talented and bright students are eligible to apply to this school. The generous Nusrat school fee ensures that finance should not be a barrier to any students who wants to apply to Nusrat.
  3. Teaching through tutorial system: Nusrat is one of such schools in The Gambia that provides teaching through tutorial system. Schools follow this pattern in all departments to impart quality education to students. This pattern enables teachers to give more individual attention while teaching to their students. Teachers offer tailored education to their students (Nusrat part finder).
  4. Subject experts: Many teachers at Nusrat are well known experts of their chosen fields. Their engagement with research enables students to have an advanced understanding of their subject discipline. Their knowledge and expertise help students to understand the concepts of their chosen subject well.
  5. Experience best school life: School life is one of the greatest assets of the school. Students soon get to know each other and teachers get to know students individually, which enables them to understand their academic requirements and respond to them.
  6. Unmatched resource centers: Nusrat provides its students unparalleled resources in support of their studies. The school possesses the finest libraries and laboratories. Students have access to resources across the school: unmatched libraries, sports facilities, laboratories, language-learning opportunities, computer and equipment.
  7. Diverse study environment: Nusrat offers a diverse study environment to its students. The School has long experience of helping students settle in, academically and socially, so they are soon able to make notable contribution to their department.
  8. Clubs, societies and events: With clubs, societies and events organised by the school, Nusrat has vibrant style that targets all students.
  9. Class rooms: Nusrat have the best structures, the class facilities are designed in way that students move freely without disturbance.
  10. Excellent employment record: Nusrat has a very excellent graduate employment record. Employers recognize that Nusrats’s academic excellence give students various skills, as well as deep understanding in their chosen subjects.
  11. No discrimination: It is a co-educational institution without any discrimination based on clan, colour, creed, gender, race or nationality and is run under strict rules of discipline and academic performance.
  12. School administration. Under the dynamic leadership of his splendor Mr. Bojang, the administration is designed in a way that motivates both the staff and student to accomplish their mission and vision statement.

“I’m proud to be a Nusraterian and at Nusrat it doesn’t matter who you are, Nusrat School welcomes everyone”

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