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Thailand: Despotic behavior of UNHCR towards Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers

Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers confront continuous risks of arrest, detention and forced return to their homelands where they are already at risk.

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Source/Credit: Pakistan Christian Post
By Cynthia Sohail | January 11, 2018

Thailand is a nation known for business and tourism yet from most recent couple of years it's turned into a transient country for displaced individuals who originate from over more than 20 different nations. While the dominant part originating from Sri Lanka, Iran, Burma and Pakistan.

Story of Suffering, from Pakistan to Thailand

It is entrenched factor that Pakistan isn't a safe place for religious minorities. Yearly independent Human rights organizations like Amnesty International, United Nation, Human Rights watch, Open Doors and numerous others publish reports on the condition of religious minorities in Pakistan which is getting worse day by day. They confronted outrageous and consistent dangers, Harassment. They killed by the violent and angry Muslim mobs. Churches were damaged and Christians were accused of blasphemy. Forced conversions and kidnapping were common and often went unchecked by the state. Correspondingly Christian persecution is on high wave systematic cleansing is going on against Christians in Pakistan. Their residences are scorched, young girls are abducted and raped, Judicial and constitutional system of Pakistan is also against Christians, and they are plundered and murdered. These Pakistani Christians have been forced into an evacuation from Pakistan after being ill-treated by blasphemy laws, forced conversions and accusation of preaching among Muslims.

As per the sources more than 4,000 Pakistani Christian individuals escape from Pakistan looking for peace and flexibility yet these Asylum searchers/evacuees were ignorant how troublesome conditions would be in Thailand before they came, frequently having been deceived by operators in Pakistan.

At the point when these down and out Pakistani Christians come here on Visit visas their visas terminated within 1 and half month and it's hard to expand visas of all individuals from family since it needs a ton of cash and no one can stand to keep up legitimate visas. So under Thai law, they are considered as illicit or illegal migrants. Subsequently, they are at risk of arrest and detention; even the police regularly harass and threat refugees. These Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers confront continuous risks of arrest, detention and forced return to their homelands where they are already at risk.

Bias processing

For most recent three decades UNHCR Thailand was affirming cases and processing them fast on the basis of previous record of cases of Ahmidya community asylum cases are processed in time and results are given in 3 to 4 months. But on the opposite side it is extremely weird that since Christians from Pakistan have landed here to escape abuse, majority of their cases were postponed, , processing is slow, and results are given after 1 year and in negative decision. The question is if Ahmidya community isn’t safe because of persecution, as a religious minority, why UNHCR Thailand isn't giving same importance to the cases of Christian community coming from same country. UNHCR Thailand isn't thinking considering their cases. The situation of Christian asylum seekers in Thailand is getting awful day by day.

Different community, for example, Hindus and Sikhs who are all around settled there and have their own businesses on such situations they hired these Christian asylum seekers on little pays/daily wedges for low standard occupations. On the off chance that somebody requests them or wants to leave the work they call the police and arrested them. At the point when there is no work there is no money so there is no food. Churches and few organizations helping these people providing them foods, but the given food is not enough even for a week. Poor Accommodation and deficient food creating Health problems, both physical and psychological problems like trauma Heart disease, Asthma, Diabetes, Headaches, Gastrointestinal problems, Depression and anxiety.

Discrimination and unlikeness

Asylum seekers/Refugees regularly confronting harass and discrimination from Thai community, Hindu community and even the Muslim community who are here and having a similar status. This is likewise because of absence of good leadership that Christian individuals need to sorted out like other nationality Asylum seekers are organized and have their own particular leaders who can raise their voices and issues. They raise the issues push the higher and request that alternate nations pick their kin from Thailand.

Lack of information

Our Christian community in Thailand doesn’t have enough data and knowledge about the Basic Human Rights, about Refuge Status and Rights about Immigrations Laws, that is the reason why agents misled them and here also clever and sharp people used them. Language barrier is another problem for them. All those intense circumstances showing that how Pakistani Christian community is suffering from Pakistan to Thailand, it would be a help if UNHCR do their procedures quick and handle all the cases with justice also, Thai Government should take some suitable measurements to cope the issues.

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