Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pakistan: Angry Islamist party senator on TV show threatens to strip journalist, her mother naked

During Nadia Mirza's TV show, Pakistan senator Hafiz Hamdullah cut journalist Marvi Sirmed's comment, abused, and threatened her with violence. Sirmed has slammed Hamdullah's behaviour on her Facebook and Twitter profiles. 

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Source/Credit: India Today
By Vivek Surendran | June 10, 2016

Pakistani senior journalist Marvi Sirmed is upset.

Very upset, and rightly so.

Here's what happened. Sirmed was one of the guests on journalist Nadia Mirza's talk show on Pakistani channel News One, and so was a Pakistan senate member Hafiz Hamdullah. Hamdullah is infamous for his bad temper and has, in the past, threatened many guests during TV shows.

During the discussion, Hamdullah got annoyed at a comment made by Barrister Masroor, another guest taking part in the discussion. When it was her turn to speak, Sirmed started her comment by saying "I agree with Masroor sahib to the extent that..." but was interrupted by the senator.

There began an argument. And it escalated very soon.

Sirmed, in her Facebook post and through her tweets, described what happened thereafter. She says, "he started abusing me with worst possible expletives. Called me a whore and said "tumhaari shalwaar utaar doonga aur tumhaari maa ki bhi (sic)." and that translates to "I will strip you off your Salwaar and will do the same to your mother too."

That, Mr Hamdullah, is nothing less than an open rape threat.

When Sirmed responded with a "try that with women in your own family", Hamdullah tried to beat her. Another guest on the show, Fayaz ul Hassan Chauhan, held Hamdullah back, and Sirmed was saved from his punches. She says, "He had to be taken away by the News One security."

She ends her Facebook post saying "And this religious merchant was fasting while he did all this."

Here's the video of the incident:

What's the bad news for the senator?

The whole incident has been recorded on camera. In case Sirmed decides to file a lawsuit, he, most definitely, should be in trouble!

Good luck, senator!

Also, here's another video of senator Hamdullah you should watch:

Read original post here: Pakistan senator Hafiz Hamdullah almost hits journalist Marvi Sirmed, abuses her during TV show

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