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India: Noor Hospital celebrated its centenary in Qadian

Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori thanked the gathering for celebrating Centenary programmes with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat. 

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By Ch. Maqbool Ahmad | October 16, 2017

QADIAN: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community celebrated Noor Hospital centenary here in Qadian today. 2017 marks one hundred years since the establishment of Noor Hospital in Qadian.

A large number of Ahmadis Muslims and Non-Muslims attended the special event which was held at Bustan-E-Ahmad, the new Jalsa Gah near Nangal Baghbana. The Function commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran. Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori presided over the function.

On this occasion Maulana Hameed Kausar addressed the gathering. He said that Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat is not working for the power or publicity. Its serving the mankind only for Humanity.

Jamat-E-Ahmadiyya spokesperson Mr. K Tarique Ahmad told that a special exhibition about Noor Hospital Qadian was visited by many peoplewho expressed their pleasure. He further stated that free Medical & Blood Donation Camps were also held as a part of centenary Celebrations.

He further said that in 1917, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community India established thhis Hospital in Qadian to meet the needs of its residents by providing them medical assistance & health care which was named Noor Hospital. Over the 100 years, Noor Hospital has evolved to meet the changing needs of the people.

On this occasion Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa Cabinet Minister Punjab and Mr. Braham Mohindera Health Minister Punjab sent their greeting messages which were read by the stage secretary Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.

Several dignitaries, including Mr. Balwinder Singh Ladi, Member of legislative Assembly Punjab from Shri Hargobindpur constituency; Professor Darbari Lal, Ex Speaker Punjab Assembly and Jarnail Singh Mahal, President Municipal Committee Qadian, addressed the gathering.

The directories ppraised Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat for serving the Humanity.

Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori thanked the gathering for celebrating Centenary programmes with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat.

On this occasion Maulana Jalal Udin Nayyar President Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya India, Maulana Fazlur Rehman Bhatti Secretary General Affairs Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat, Dr. Tarique Ahmad Senior Medical Officer Noor Hospital, Fazalluh Deputy Administrator Noor Hospital Qadian, Dr. Abdul Hafeez, Dr. Syed Daood Ahmad, Dr. Nisar Ahmad, Dr. Nishan Ahmad, Dr. Syed Saeed Ahmad, Dr. Abdul Rasheed Badar, Mubashir Ahmad Butt Deputy Secretary Education Department of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Dr. Paruthi Singh Capital Hospital Jalandhr, Dr. Uzma, Dr. Sadiqa, Dr. Ataul Hafeez, Anas Ahmad, Tarique Ahmad Khan President Welfare Club Qadian, Chaudhry Mansoor Ghanokay Zaeem Darul Anwar Majlis Ansarullah Qadian, Mohammad Kashir Missionary Incharge Mumbai, Shoib Ahmad Officer Jalsa Salana Qadian, Maulana Zain Uddin Hamid President Majlis Ansarullah India, Maulana Rafiq Baig President Majlis Ansarullah India, Rafiq Ahmad advocate, Dr. Dilawar Ahmad, Abdul Mohsin, Principal Sawarn Singh Virk Tughalwal, Mohammad Luqman Dehlvi , Krishan Ahmad, Abdul Salam, Shuja Uddin, Tofique Ahmad were present.

At the conclusion of the formal program, Maulana Mohammad Inam Ghori led the gathering in silent prayer.

Photos: Noor Hospital Centenary Programmes which were held at Bustan-E-Ahmad (Nangal Baghbana) Qadian

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-- India: Noor Hospital Qadian celebrated its centenary in Qadian

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